Sleep Show 2019 –
Call for Presentations

The Call for Presentations is now closed. If you have questions about talks at Sleep Show, please email

Do you have an interesting sleep-related talk perfect for a public audience? The National Sleep Foundation is looking for highly produced, public-friendly talks about superior ideas relating to sleep health.

Consumers will enter Sleep Show in Houston Texas, eager to learn more about sleep and wellness, and take action to improve their lives. The National Sleep Foundation is providing a multi-stage educational experience as part of a large sleep expo that will help consumers better understand all things sleep.

We are seeking a wide variety of topics and speakers including talks on sleep science to help consumers understand how sleep works and presentations about lifestyle and how sleep plays a crucial role in overall wellness. We are also seeking consumer-friendly how-to segments to help with everything from choosing the right sleep product to using supplements correctly, as well as sleep product demos.

The National Sleep Foundation invites you to contribute to Sleep Show by pitching us your idea for a presentation!

Pitch Deadline: Friday, November 16, 2018 at 11:59pm ET

The Fine Print:

  • Slides are not permitted for any type of presentation
  • Time limits will be strictly enforced: 15 minute SleepTalks, 25 minute Fireside Chats and Interviews, and 5 min product demos. If accepted, you will be notified of your specific time limit.

If you are wondering what a highly produced and public-friendly talk looks like, check out this talk by Russel Foster.

Session Types

There are four types of presentations available during Sleep Show:

Do you have a personal experience related to sleep health and wellness that you want to share with others? Do you have a unique story to tell? Do you have interesting and consumer-friendly “how-to” knowledge that can help people looking to sleep better? Can you talk about an aspect of sleep science that is interesting, approachable, actionable and fun to learn about? Then SleepTalks are where you belong.

Fireside Chats

Do you and another leader in your industry have a conversation you think the public needs to hear? Would an engaging, back-and-forth discussion help consumers understand and get excited about sleep? If yes, you should submit your pitch for a fireside chat.


Ready for one of NSF’s experts to pick your brain? Sit down for an interview-style Q&A to share your sleep knowledge with the audience.

Product Demos

Maybe you have an innovative sleep product that consumers want to hear about. Can you explain what your product is and what it does in a succinct, engaging, and relevant way? Then this type of presentation is perfect for you.