What You Need To Know About Sleep Trackers

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If you’re trying to improve your sleep, these are the numbers you should focus on.

If you didn’t know already, sleep trackers are trending in the world of tech. These trackers reveal a myriad of information about your sleep, but some of this information is more useful than others. For instance, data on when you hit each REM stage of sleep, your respiration rate, and body temperature may be interesting, but less useful when it comes to improving your shut-eye quality. On the other hand, certain behaviors have been shown to aid in better sleep quality: Nixing the TV and computer before bed, sticking to a regular tuck-in schedule, and sleeping in a cool, dark room all have positive effects on your sleep. If your sleep tracker or app helps keep tabs on these smart habits, you’re headed in the right direction. Beyond these behaviors, the three data points below play a crucial role in measuring how well you sleep.

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