SleepTech® Award

NSF’s SleepTech Award recognizes innovative sleep products.

These sleep technology companies have been invited to pitch their product to NSF’s Sleep Show® judges. Product pitches will take place all day Saturday, March 9th. Come see some of the latest innovations in sleep technology, and be sure to stick around for finalists answering the judge’s questions.

Acoustic Sheep

SleepPhones® Effortless are Bluetooth®-enabled headphones inside of a soft headband, complete with induction charging technology for a completely wireless experience.

Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc.

Sound+Sleep SE is the world’s most advanced sleep sound appliance, with relaxation sounds that have been proven effective in a controlled study.


Beddr Sleep Tuner is an FDA-registered consumer sleep assessment wearable that brings the insights of a sleep lab into the privacy and comfort of your home.


Sleep Lab uses our wristband and foot pod wearables together, so we are able to quantify sleep disturbances such as RLS and Sleep Apnea.


BreatheSimple is an iPhone and soon to be Android app that delivers personalized clinically validated breath training for the alleviation of sleep disturbed breathing, both apnea and snoring.

Dreamlight Inc.

Dreamlight Pro is a smart system using a mask to help you get better sleep.


Night Owl® is the world’s smallest convenient and cost-effective home sleep apnea test with additional capabilities for positional apnea analysis and treatment combining a diagnostic and therapy in one device.

Embr Labs

Embr Wave is a revolutionary bracelet that hacks the way you feel temperature.


EyeJust blue light blocking screen protector protects against cumulative overexposure to blue light which is a proven sleep disruptor.


Sleep by Headspace is our newest suite of content specifically designed to create the ideal conditions for healthy, restful sleep.

Inspire® Medical Systems, Inc.

Inspire Therapy is a breakthrough sleep apnea treatment for people who are unable to use or get benefit from CPAP, being turned on before bed and off in the morning – no mask or hose needed.


The Comfort Control Mattress is the world’s first mattress line to offer Comfort Control Technology
on the most popular sleep surfaces, giving consumers the control to create a sleep experience as unique as they are.

Kryo Inc.

The ChiliPad state-of-the-art system regulates the surface temperature of one or two sides of the bed with degree-by-degree optimization.


Nanit Plus smart baby monitor’s overhead HD camera tracks and understands everything happening in your baby’s crib (sleep patterns, parent visits, room conditions), and then provides personalized, scientifically-backed sleep guidance to help your baby, and you, sleep better.


Nasalaid is a reusable nasal dilator that replaces nasal strips. It keeps the nose open to relieve congestion and snoring.

Oura Health

Oura ring is a design object packed with optical pulse measurement (250 Hz), accelerometer, gyroscope and temperature sensors.


ReST Bed senses your position and makes automatic real-time adjustments, allowing consumers to customize support wherever they need it: Head, Shoulders, Back, Hips, and Legs.

Sleep Equ.

Sleep Equ. is a modular mattress for positioning of children who have severe cerebral palsy.


Sleep-A-Board provides a padded and soft fleece-lined support platform for your head to rest on when in a seated position with limited space such as on a plane, bus, train, car or waiting in a terminal.

SleepScore Labs

The SleepScore App turns a mobile device into a convenient, non-contact standalone sleep improvement system using patented sonar technology to detect sleep patterns via a user’s smartphone microphone and speakers.

Smart Nora

Smart Nora, the first smart contact-free snoring solution, is intended to detect snoring and reduce snoring sounds by slowly moving the user’s pillow by means of adjusting the volume of the air-inflated Pillow Insert.

Snooze Inc.

GetSnooze allows customers to get tested and treated for sleep apnea 100% virtually from the comfort of their own home.


The Somnox Sleep Robot helps you sleep faster, longer and wake up refreshed by slowing down your breathing, focussing your attention and playing soothing sounds at the right moments in the sleep cycle using it’s intelligent sensor network.


The SonicTonic app is a collection of specially produced soundscapes that provide help for sleep disturbances, as well as anxiety, depression, phobias, and a whole lot more.


Our Sleep Patch facilitates the diagnostic and outcome management of sleep disorders. Using disposable sensor patches that detect various physiological parameters related to sleep at the patient’s home.


Timeshifter is a jet lag app based on the latest research in sleep and circadian neuroscience


Tranquilo Mat is the world’s first portable vibrating mat that soothes your baby to sleep.


URGONight is a non-invasive brain training solution to improve sleep consisting of an EEG measuring headband connected to an app.